Developing a model of proactive, personalized, and person-centered health assessment and education in primary-care based shared medical appointments at Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC)

Personalized Health Planning in Shared Medical Appointments (PHP SMA) at Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham was a primary-care based program for patients who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Eight sessions were held over the course of four months incorporating both health assessment and educational components. Participants met one-on-one with a provider to complete a personal health plan and as a group engage in discussion, interactive activities, mindfulness meditation, goal-setting, and educational content on a range of topics to improve self-care behaviors and health outcomes.

At the conclusion of the program, patient participants took steps towards improving management of their type 2 diabetes in addition to building strategies of effective selfcare that will prevent deterioration of health through a unique model of tailored behavioral support.

We examined the feasibility of implementing evidence-based personalized health planning in the context of a Shared Medical Appointment for patients in a primary care-based setting.

The project served to develop future models of personalized care.