To foster improved health and mitigation of disease through the creation of an advocacy for approaches to care which enable individuals and their providers to engage in personalized health care – a predictive, preventative, and participatory approach to maximizing health.


Create and support innovations in personalized approaches to health care that will influence health awareness, clinical care delivery, medical education, and national health policy. 


Health enhancement and mitigation of disease can be facilitated by personalized health planning whereby health risks are defined and plans are made to maximize each individual’s health. The effectiveness of health care requires one to value the importance of their health  so that they are committed to embracing needed supportive behaviors. Synergizing empowered individuals and their care providers with personal health plans to guide care is a new approach to health care delivery.  It is based on the principle that one’s health is a journey that can be optimized by understanding their health risks and developing plans to mitigate them. As in many aspects of life where one plans to achieve best outcomes, optimizing health should be planned for. Developing clinical approaches to do this will foster better health for individuals and the nation.

Dr. Ralph Snyderman, Executive Director of the Center, provides an explanation of the origin of personalized health care.