The Duke Center for Personalized Health Care engages in research and quality initiatives to evaluate and advance the application and principles of personalized health care into clinical practice.

The Center also sponsors and participates in educational programs for Duke undergraduate and medical students.

What Is Personalized Health Care?

Personalized health care is an overarching framework for proactive, personalized health care that provides individuals with a personal health plan to maximize their health and minimize disease. It utilizes predictive technologies to establish each individual’s health risks and facilitates patients’ engagement in their health along with the development of plans and a care delivery system designed to achieve the best health outcomes.

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Current Projects

The Center is currently developing models of care for patients with complex chronic diseases and high utilization of health care resources. The health-related behaviors of such individuals can have a major impact on their clinical outcomes. We develop strategies to enable patients to adapt the sustainable behavior changes needed to best manage their chronic diseases and thereby improve health and decrease costs.