Frequently Asked Questions

What is personalized health care?

Personalized health care focuses on improving health and preventing disease and engages you as an active participant in improving your health and being involved in your health care. Each person has their own health risks, lifestyle choices, and goals for their health. This is why personalizing care to the individual is important. In order to personalize care, doctors look at the “whole health” of a patient, not just whether or not they have a disease. Whole health includes all the areas of your life that impact your health, such as your own health risks, as well as your nutrition, relationships, stress, exercise, and your environment. It also means that your health care team works with you to define and help you meet your health goals.

Please see Personalized Health Care for an in-depth exploration of the concept, Lectures for expanded media content, and the Blog section for opinion pieces on aspects of personalized health care.

What is the purpose of the Center?

The primary mission of the Center is to support the development and implementation of personalized health care, a personal, predictive, preventive and participatory approach to health care. The Center has educational programs and welcomes the participation of students and others in its activities. It also partners with organizations to research methods of integrating personalized health care into clinical settings. Please visit About Us for details. For information about projects currently underway at the Center, please visit Current Projects.

What type of research does the Center conduct?

The Center engages in research to investigate the application of principles of personalized health care into clinical practice, detailed in the Our Work section. The Center partners to conduct feasibility studies on the implementation of various methods of personalized health care. Visit Current Projects to learn more. The Center also publishes research articles; to see some of our seminal works, please visit Publications.

Where is the Center located, and how can I be in contact?

Detailed directions and all information regarding contacting the Center is available on the Contact Us page.